Aldi Weekly Ad, 11/15/17 – 11/21/17

Aldi Weekly Ad, 11/15/17 – 11/21/17

Aldi has released the weekly ad for the week beginning 11/15/17. The one thing I’m really hoping to be able to snag when I go shopping on Saturday is the Crofton roasting pan with rack.


Last year we hosted Friendsgiving and I passed it up thinking it was and awfully big pan to buy and store for just one or two uses a year.


Many times I’ve wished I had it to roast veggies in. I’m glad to see that it’s back this year, and hopefully they’ll still have some in stock by the time I make it out there.

There is, of course, a ton of Thanksgiving food in the ad, so if you’re cooking this year Aldi could very easily be your one stop shop. They even have duck!

Will you be stocking up on anything or grabbing any special buys from this weekly ad? Let me know in the comments!


*Produce picks of the week are highlighted in green.

*Fresh meat special buys are highlighted in red.

*My favorite finds are highlighted in bold.


View the full ad here. Compare to prices in the Price Book here (new items added weekly). Information gathered from the middle Tennessee region — prices and products may vary depending on where you live.


Fresh Produce

Celery, $0.79 Each

Cranberries, $0.99 Per 12-oz. Pkg.

Green Beans, $0.99 Per 16-oz. Pkg.

ORGANIC Baby Rainbow Carrots, $1.49 Per 12-oz. Pkg.

Pineapple, $1.49 Each

Russet Potatoes, $1.99 Per 10-lb. Bag

SimplyNature ORGANIC Spring Mix, $3.79 Per 16-oz. Pkg.

Yellow Onions, $0.99 Per 3-lb. Bag


Meat & Poultry

Appleton Farms Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham, $2.99 Per Lb.

Appleton Farms Smoked Ham-Butt Portion, $1.19 Per Lb.

Appleton Farms Smoked Ham-Shank Portion, $0.99 Per lb.

Appleton Farms Spiral Cut Double Glazed Brown Sugar Ham, $1.89 Per Lb.

Appleton Farms Spiral Sliced Half Ham, $1.69 Per Lb.

BUTTERBALL Whole Turkey, NOW $0.99 Per Lb.

FRESH 73% Lean Ground Beef, $1.99 Per Lb.

Honeysuckle White Bone-In Turkey Breast, $1.39 Per Lb.

Honeysuckle White FRESH Whole Turkey, $1.19 Per Lb.

Maple Leaf Whole Duck, $2.49 Per Lb.

SimplyNature FRESH ORGANIC 100% GRASS FED Chuck Roast, $7.99 Per Lb.

Specially Selected Panino Tray, $11.99



Sea Queen Crab Cakes With Cocktail Sauce, $5.49

Sea Queen Shrimp Ring, $6.99



Countryside Creamery Butter Quarters, NOW $2.29 Each

Friendly Farms French Onion Dip, $0.99

Happy Farms Cream Cheese or Fit & Active Neufchâtel Cheese, NOW $0.79

Happy Farms Preferred Cranberry White Cheddar Cheese, $2.99


Grocery and Deli

Appetitos Appetizers, NOW $1.49

Arosa Sparkling Moscato Rosé, $5.99 750 ml.

Bake House Creations Crescents Rolls, NOW $0.99

Bake House Creations Pie Crusts, $1.39

Baker’s Corner Baking Chocolate, $1.49 Each

Baker’s Corner Coconut Flakes, $1.29

Baker’s Corner Cookie Mix, $1.59 Each

Baker’s Corner Morsels, $1.79 Each

Baker’s Corner Pumpkin Pie Mix, $2.29

Baker’s Corner Sugar, $0.99 Each

Baker’s Corner Sweetened Condensed Milk, NOW $1.19

California Copperwood Merlot, $5.99, 750 ml

Chef’s Cupboard Homestyle Turkey Gravy, NOW $0.89

Chef’s Cupboard Instant Mashed Potatoes, NOW $1.29

Chef’s Cupboard Stuffing, NOW $0.79

Chile Dancing Flame Red Blend, $6.99, 750 ml

Coca-Cola, Now $0.99

Columbia Valley, Washington, Crystal Creek Cellars Riesling, $6.49, 750 ml

Giretto Pinot Grigio, $5.99 750 ml.

liveGfree Gluten Free Cheddar Biscuit or Cornbread Mix, $2.29 Each

liveGfree Gluten Free French Fried Onions, $2.69

liveGfree Gluten Free Stuffing, $2.89 Each

L’oven Fresh Brown & Serve Rolls, $0.99

Milo’s Tea Company Sweetened Iced Tea, $2.79

Moiselle Sparkling Moscato, $6.99 750 mL.

SimplyNature ORGANIC Broth or Chef’s Cupboard Cooking Stock, NOW $1.49 Each

Southern Grove Almonds, NOW $2.99

Southern Grove California Golden Raisins, $2.79

Southern Grove Chopped Pecans, NOW $4.99

Specially Selected Artisan Crackers, $2.99

Stonemill Holiday Baking Spices, $1.69 Each

Stonemill Pure Extracts, $1.99 Each

William Wright Chardonnay, $6.99 750 ml.

William Wright Reserve Pinot Noir, $9.99 750 ml.


House and Home

6″ Poinsettia, $3.49

Adventuridge Ladies’ or Men’s Softshell Jacket, $19.99 Each

Adventuridge Ladies’ or Men’s Winter Gloves, $6.99 Per Pair

Adventuridge Men’s or Ladies’ Merino Wool Socks, $4.99 Per Pair

Ambiano 3.5-Quart Casserole Slow Cooker, $19.99

Ambiano 4.6 – Quart Stand Mixer, $24.99

Ambiano Electric Knife With Storage Case, $14.99

Ambiano Hand Mixer, $12.99

Crofton I-Gallon Beverage Dispenser, $6.99

Crofton 3-Tier Cooling Rack, $6.99

Crofton 3-Tier Serving Stand, $9.99

Crofton 45-Piece Flatware Set, $29.99

Crofton 4-Cup Batter Dispenser or 5-Cup Flour Sifter, $4.99

Crofton 50-Piece Assorted Food Storage, $7.99

Crofton 6-Piece Holiday Glass Storage Bowls, $9.99

Crofton Adjustable 3-Tier Oven Rack, $7.99

Crofton Apple Peeler, $9.99

Crofton Baking or Pastry Utensil, $3.99 Each

Crofton Bamboo Carving Board, $9.99

Crofton Cookie Sheet Assortment, $3.99 Each

Crofton Marble and Acacia Artisanal Board, $9.99

Crofton Mega Bakeware, $8.99 Each

Crofton Mini Silicone Utensil, $1.19 Each

Crofton Porcelain Appetizer Dishes, $6.99 Each

Crofton Porcelain Tableware Assortment, $3.99 Each

Crofton Roasting Pan With Rack, $8.99

Crofton Silicone Baking Mat, $2.99

Crofton Silicone Pastry Mat, $9.99

Crofton Stoneware Baking Dish Assortment, $6.99 Each

Easy Home 6′ Folding Table With Wheels, $34.99

Easy Home Vinyl Padded Folding Chair, $12.99

Hunting Home 2-Piece Fall Kitchen Towel Set, $4.99

Huntington Home 2-Piece Placemat Set, $3.99 Per Set

Huntington Home 4-Pack Votives or 12-Pack Tealights, $2.99 Each

Huntington Home Damask Tablecloth With Napkin Set, $8.99 Per Set

Lily & Dan Girls’ Cozy Boots, $9.99

Lily & Dan Girls’ Tights, $2.99 Each

Range Master 2-Pack Multipurpose Lighter, $2.99

Serra Ladies’ Suede Boots, $17.99

Serra Ladies’ Tights, $4.99 Each

Thanksgiving Centerpiece, $9.99

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