Aldi Clearance Finds: 1/15/18

Aldi Clearance Finds: 1/15/18

We’ve had tons of snow here (nearly 6 inches now, which is crazy for Tennessee!), and it’s thrown my shopping pattern all out of whack. We had ice and snow on Friday, and by Saturday the roads weren’t cleared so I stayed home. Sunday was iffy, too, but I finally made it over there on Monday to get my weekly shopping done. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I had to make a last minute substitution to my crab bisque (yay scallops!). It started snowing AGAIN yesterday, so I moved the bisque to last night because gosh darnit, soup just fit better with the weather.


Flexibility, people. Own it. It will make you a better cook and more confident in the kitchen!


While I was there, I spotted several clearance deals and snapped a few pictures. Keep in mind that, as always, prices and availability are going to vary by location, but you might be able to snag some of these deals. Different prices or deals where you are? Post them in the comments and help your fellow Aldi shoppers out!


Bauhn Party Speaker: WAS $59.99, NOW $39.99


Bauhn VR Headset: WAS $17.49, NOW $12.29


Crofton Divided Serving Dish: WAS $3.49, NOW $2.49


Goffa Stackable Animal Pals: WAS $2.79, NOW $1.99

Licensed Helmets: WAS $16.99, NOW $11.89


Construction Zone Play Set: WAS $24.99, NOW $17.49


Kids Rolling Storage Cart: WAS $9.99, NOW $6.99


Christmas/Seasonal Clearance: Prices vary!



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